About me

Abraham M. Baruchin MD


Plastic Surgery
Laser Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
Since: 1981


Barzilai Academic Medical Center/BGU University


Professor, Chief of Laser Surgery Unit /Professor at BGU University ,Beer Sheba,Israel
Board Examiner, isreali Board of Plastic Surgery
City: Ashkelon
Country: Israel

Contact details

E-Mail: baruchin@netvision.net.il
Postal address
P.O.Box: 5170
78441 -Ashkelon
Phone number: 972-54 775 94 27
Fax number: 972-8 67 39 541
Website: http://www.profbaruchin.co.il


Education: M.D.-1965-1972- University of Siena, Italy
1999-Head of Aesthetic and surgical Laser Unit , Barzilai Medical Center, Ashkelon
1986-Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Service, Barzilai Medical ,Ashkelon
1981- Consultant (part time), Barzilai Medical Centre, Ashkelon
1980 - Head Physician, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Soroka Medical Center, Beer-Sheba
1979-Honorary Registrar. Essex Center For Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery and Burn Research, Odstock District Hospital, Salisbury, England
1976-9-Residency Department of Plastic and Maxillofaciasl Surgery & the Burn Unit, Shaare-Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem
1976- Residency, Department of Nreurosurgery, Municipal Government Medical Center, Ichilov, Tel-Aviv


2008-The New European Surgical Academy (NESA) -Member of the Advisory Board
2000-The International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons Inc. (ISLS)
2) 1999-European Society for Laser Dermatology (ESLD)

3) 1999-European Medical Laser Association (EMLA) than > IALMS

4) 1999-The International Society for laser Surgery and Medicine (ISLSM),
President 2007-9,Secretary General 2007-2013
5) 1997-Israel society for preventive Oncology.
6)1995-American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASPRS).
7) 1995-American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPAS).
8) 1994-Israel burn association (IBA) .
9) 1984-Mediterranean Burn Club (MBC).
10 1982-Israel Club for Soft Tissues.
11) 1981-The Israel Society of Plastic Surgeons .
12 1981-Israel Surgical Society.
13) 1981-British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPS).
14) 1972-Israel Medical Association (IMA).
Selected publications ( from more than 200 including 3 books )
Lubart . R Friedmann, H, Lavi Ronit, Longo L, Jacobi J, Baruchin O and Abraham M. Baruchin A reasonable mechanism for visible light - induced skin rejuvenation Lasers in Medical Science. 2007 Mar;22(1):1-3.
Baruchin AM, Nahlieli O, Vizethum F, Sela M Harnessing the osseointegration principle for anchorage of fingernail prostheses. Hand Clin. 2002 Nov;18(4):647-54. Nahlieli O., Baruchin A.M., Long term experience with endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland inflammatory disease. Laryngoscope,110(8)988-993 ,2000 Nahlieli O.,Baruchin A.M., Endoscopic technique for the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive salivary glands diseases. J Oral Max fac Surg 57:1394-1401,1999.. Nahlieli O.Baruchin A.M., Sialoendoscopy - three years experience as a diagnostic and treatment modality .J Oral Max fac Surg 55:912-918,1997. Nahlieli O.Baruchin A.M., Sialoendoscopy - three Years experience as a diagnostic and treatment modality .J Oral Max fac Surg 55:912-918,1997. Nahlieli O.Baruchin A.M., Sialoendoscopy - three Years experience as a diagnostic and treatment modality .J Oral Max fac Surg 55:912-918,1997


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